Info to customers outside Denmark


If you live in a another country than Denmark, and you want to buy some of my cards with papercuts printed, it is possible of course.

All you have to do is to send me an email on where you tell me what you whant to buy.

Then I will send you an email that confirms your order. In the mail you will get relevant bank informations so as IBAN number and SWIFT number, to be used when to transferre money between your countrie and Denmark.

When you have transfered the money to my account, I will send the cards to you. I check my account daily.

Remember to inklude these informations:
Name, address, zip code, city, countrie and email.
The cards are printed on a professional printing on a strong 280 g quality.

All prices listed in the description of my cards are including postage and administration. Please note that your bank takes an amount of money to transfer the money. It use to be around 4 euros, but I do not know the price exactly, since I do not know your bank. I must pay a similar amount of money to receive the money.

Please contact me if you have any questions. You can send me an email on

For your information:
One danish crown is the same as:
United States 0,21 USD
EU 0,13 Euro 
Island 0,66 ISK
Norge 1,06 NOK
Great Brittan 0,11 GBP
Sverige 1,23 SEK


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